Signs You Have a Rodent Problem

From ants to termites to cockroaches, there are seemingly endless reasons a person would need to call pest control, but one of the most horrifying and disgusting infestations homeowners can deal with is rats or mice. Nobody ever wants to have to face these nasty rodents, but the really scary thing is that you don’t have to see the mice or rats themselves to know you’ve got a problem.

The following is a look at a few of the most common signs that indicate you may be in need of Tabor Services’ rodent control:

#1 Chewed-up Food Packages

If rodents are in your home, they’re going to be on the lookout for food constantly, so one thing to look for is whether they’re getting into packages or containers of food when you’re not around. Ideally, you’d have all food stored in air-tight containers, but if you do find food packaging with chew marks, it could be an indication that mice or rats are in the home and on the hunt for nourishment.

#2 Droppings

Another clear indicator that you’ve got unwanted rodent guests in your home is their droppings. These are the most common and easiest-to-spot indicators of a problem. Rodent droppings are usually no larger than ¼” in length and are small, dark brown, and have pointed ends. They are often most found in cabinets and corners, so look for them there if you think you may have a problem, and use a mask and gloves when cleaning them up.

#3 Rub and Gnaw Marks

Obviously, chew marks are a big indicator of a problem, and these most often present themselves on hard surfaces like wood. Oily rub marks show up along walls where rodents travel. If it smears when you touch it, you know the marks are fresh.

#4 Appearance of Nests

Mice will shred paper, string, grass, and anything else they can find to create little nests indoors. Usually they show up near a food or water source, so should you find one of these nests, it obviously means you’ve got a mouse somewhere in the house.

#5 Odd Urine Smell

Rodent urine has a strong, musky smell that only gets stronger the worst your infestation becomes. If the presence of rats and mice weren’t enough to bother you, the smell almost certainly will.

#6 Strange Noises (Especially at Night)

You know what your house sounds like on a normal day, so if there are unusual scratching, scampering, or gnawing noses happening that you do not recognize—especially when paired with any of these other signs—it is possible that you’ve got rodents in the home.

#7 Odd Pet Behavior

Your dog or cat will be interested if there are furry intruders in their home, so if your dog is scratching at walls or your cat is acting erratic, it’s possible that they’re responding to something inside your walls.

Call a Pest Control Expert

If any of these signs present themselves in your home, call rat control immediately. Here at Tabor Services, we’ll take care of your rat or mouse problem quickly so you can go back to enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having no rodents in your home, not only because they’re a little creepy, but because they’re dangerously unsanitary, as well.