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Pest Prevention Program: The Success and Core of Tabor Pest Service's program.

How Our Program Works.

We start with a free, thorough, no-obligation inspection of your home — inside and out. Then we address any current or urgent issues. After that, we focus on eliminating conditions, avenues, or sources to prevent pests from coming back inside.

Rodent Control Program

Tabor Pest Services employs a strong rodent prevention programs for mice, rats and bats along with a variety of baiting, trapping and removal options. Available products include bait stations, snap traps, glue boards and Rodent Evictors designed to build a complete Integrated Pest Management strategy for your facility.Type your paragraph here.

Flying Insect Program

Tabor Pest Services unique, targeted program involves the integration of control measures, preventive applications and sanitation consulting that focuses specially on flying insects. Specialized products are also available, including Bio Mop™, Bio Cleaner™, glue boards, and attractant bulbs